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Do you feel that R&D applications are unclear and complicated, and at the same time you lose your time?

Are you sure that the company that is writing the application has an idea about the energy area?

Do you want to take the competition market creating innovation, but you get frustrated when you see a stack of R&D documents?

If you have doubts about the above questions, then YOU ARE IN A GOOD PLACE! As never before, this knowledge is available at your fingertips.

I help entrepreneurs to verify the R&D applications that will immediately take away the competition’s market in the energy industry. Based on my expert experience, I have prepared the exclusive 5-step Model on the market that will allow you to effectively evaluate the application before applying for funding. It help you to maximize your success and avoid frustration and lost time due to unclear criteria of funding.

As an international R&D expert, I pay attention to the important details that investors evaluate in the project, which are forgotten by the companies involved in writing applications. Thanks to this, you increase the success of subsidies.

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